I. Data.

1. The shop is owned by an individual who possesses
„Emotional Rainbow”, it is registered as a business, located at 51-113 Wrocław 20/5 Obornicka Street , VAT included, under the tax ID number:
NIP - 8952033778; phone: 669-669-991
e-mail - contact@e-bowclth.com

§ 1. General terms:

1. The regulations below consider the use of on-line service with the permission of the seller. This use is hereby free of charge under the act of on-line services of July 18th 2002.
2. The regulations below define the terms of purchasing and selling of the obliged acts:
a/ the first point of this regulations
b/ civil code act of April 23rd 1964, in accordance with the legal state, considering the charges of December 9th 2000
c/ act of protecting some consumer rights
d/ act of particular consumer conditions and the change of civil code of July 27th 2002
e/ act of protecting personal data of August 29th 1997
3. The online regulations do not consist of any unrightful clauses.
4. The terms of regulations are for the use of potential clients who have specified the delivery address within the area of Poland or beyond.
5. Definions of given terminology:
a/ working days – from Monday to Friday, excluding those days that are public holidays,
b/ client – an individual that is an adult capable of legal activities,
c/ consumer – an individual that undergoes legal activities that not necessarily have to do with their business (art. 22 k.c.),
d/ on-line shop – a shop that works under a given address (act 1, point 1), in which the seler offers products services to the client,
e/ merchandise – merchandise available at the on-line shop, coming from a legal source, brand new, packed originally,
f/ price – the value of the merchandise is in Gross Price in Euro,
- the price does not include delivery, added to each order
- the prices listed in the offer do not consider the prices of the Civil Code but just an invitation of purchase (order)

- the prices doesn't include any import fees (taxes, duties) for orders beyond European Union. Buyer is responsible for paying all of those fees.

g/ the seler emphasizes that the products patterns can be different than that presented on-line. 

§ 2 Making orders

1/ Orders should be made by using website: www.e-bowclth.com
2/ Orders can be placed/made six days a week (listed in part 1/5 of the regulations)
3/ The condition of placing the order properly is filling in the order form and giving data needed to purchase and send the merchandise
4/ After placing the order, the client will receive an automatic reply from the online shop with the confirmation of accepting the order
5/ The time of finalizing the order is counted from receiving the payment (the account numer is given in the confirmation of order)
6/ Every purchase is confirmed by receipt. 

§ 3 Costs and delivery date.

1/ The order is sent to the address listed in the order form,
2/ The order is sent to the client within 30 days,
3/ The seller expects payments to be done by PayPal or by bank transfer
4/ The delivery costs are covered by the seller,
5/ In case of the client giving the wrong or inappropriate address, the seller does not take any responsibility for lack of delivery or delays concerning this issue.

§ 4. Filling complaints

1/ Any complaints concerning mechanical or quality faults of the merchandise should contain necessary data, client’s ID numer and the reason (s) of filling the complaint.
2/ The consumer, beyond Poland, has the right to break the agreement without stating any reason within 10 days of delivery.
3/ Given regulations concerning breaching the agreement for foreign clients, beyond the company’s address, are listed in the act of March 2nd 2000, concerning consumer rights and oblige in these regulations.
4/ The seller does not take in any packages sent to them by acceptance of purchase and is not responsible for costs concerning such deliveries.

§ 5. Refunds

Refunds are given on account number given by the client. The seller does not take any responsibility for situations whereas the client does not sent or the wrong data or account number, unabling the seller to give back the money for purchase.

§ 6. Exchanging merchandise

The client can exchange the product for another after addressing the seller. The products price can be the same as the product exchanged, in cases when it is less the money is sent to the client, in case it is more, the client sends the additional amount to the seler. If the seller agrees to the refund, the costs of delivery is covered by the Client.

§ 7. Protection of Personal Data.

Accepting the regulations the client agrees for the seller to use their personal data in accordance to the act of August 29 1997, necessary to carry out the service.

§ 8. Final agreements

1/ All legal actions and processes are followed by the Polish Law.
2/ The seller has all rights to the patterns of the products. Any use of them without the permission of the seller is forbidden.